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Welcome to My Knitting Place

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

That's My Knitting Place

The place where I prefer to knit when it's stormy autumn or winter outside and I just enjoy knitting and purling and, if I'm lucky and patient: in the end I have made a piece of clothing that I or one family member can wear for a long time and which makes us happy.

This is the place where I cruise through knitting magazines that inspire and delight me at the same time. I have other seats, but this MUST happen here.

Favorite tea close at hand, cuddled up in a blanket (knitted yourself, of course).

So many wonderful patterns, ideas, yarn suggestions, images and creativity in one.


At least for me, this is a never ending story.

Most stories have an ending, good or bad, or they just stop.

And that's what's great and mysterious at the same time when you are addicted to knitting. This story doesn't have to end, it always leads to new horizons.

There is always something new to discover, learn and implement. I love that.

And that brings us to another important phenomenon in knitting.

It is a wonderfully harmless hobby.

Man or woman can sit or lie more or less concentrated, sometimes supplemented by a book or an exciting series and simply knit stitch by stitch with a needle.

And yet: There is so much love in there that this topic becomes almost unreal.

The yarns chosen with love are not thrown into the shopping cart without thinking, oh no. Here it is important to consider carefully: color, texture, pattern, scarf or sweater, for me, for my loved one, for the little ones = all about love.

And then the pleasure of knitting = love or frustration with knitting, because sometimes it doesn´t want you to succeed = love too, because otherwise we wouldn't care what it turns out to be. But it is important to us.

We are motivated to create something beautiful because our heart is connected to the activity and when we are not satisfied with our work we call it disappointed love.

And so every self-knitted piece of clothing, including a beautiful yarn, which in the best case was also spun with love, and an appealing color, also carries a lot of feelings with it. Many a piece of clothing then becomes unsightly and holey over the years because of the sheer love. This happens to those which are most loved.

I will never forget the day when I still had my knitting shop and an 80 year old man walked into my shop and asked me to save his completely riddled sweater.

I'm not a master of mending and unfortunately I had to disappoint him. He was completely stunned at the thought of having to part with this sweater after 30 years, which has served him so well over the years. I'll bet he kept it.

And that's what defines passionate knitters.

We value our self-made clothes and we know how much feeling is in them, in every stitch.

This is the much-touted slow fashion par excellence.

And that's what this website is supposed to be about.

To show the world what great handicrafts knitting and crocheting are and how much of what society is looking for today, such as sustainability, careful use of resources and more closeness to nature, is one of the basic principles of this incredible art.

Just think of all the wonderful leftovers of blankets or striped sweaters.

My mother, from whom I learned to knit, never wasted a single thread and so I always try to use every thread and keep the stash as small as possible (doesn't always work :).

But I'm more likely to throw away a kitchen utensil than a thread of yarn. Thanks, Mum.

I called this website the interactive library of knit life. Please take this literally.

I hereby invite you to participate and to contribute your knowledge and thoughts on the subject of knitting and crocheting here.

Together we want to create a library that stays and does not disappear behind the next social media post.

Knitting places is meant in a figurative sense.

A knitting place doesn't have to be a fixed place, it can look very individual and different from mine.

Perhaps your Knitting Place is also a family member from whom you learned to knit?

Or a landscape, a journey that you have experienced in connection with knitting?

Write to me about it.

I look forward to every correspondence.


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