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The Rules

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Blog rules

The blog is part of the website www.knittingplaces.com.

It should be a platform for free discussion - in an open and friendly atmosphere.

Please support this goal: Discuss fairly and objectively - even if it comes to a dispute. In the interest of all participants, we ask you to note the following: The editorial staff reserves the right to delete comments or blog links without informing the author of their removal.

§ defamatory

§ offensive

§ violating personal rights

§ harmful to minors

§ politically or religiously extreme and / or agitational

§ racist or sexist

§ xenophobic

§ calling for violence

§ pornographic

§ is punishable by law

Such comments may not be posted on the blog.

Constant repetitions of the same content, nonsense and nonsensical texts are also undesirable. Please note that your comments should always relate to the associated message.

www.knittingplaces.com places particularly high demands on data protection in its internet offering.

When entering, you must provide your email address and a name. The email will not be published under any circumstances, but it should be deliverable.

The use of internet addresses for other purposes, in particular for commercial use, is not permitted. The editorial staff reserves the right to pursue violations legally.

It is not permitted to use the expressions of opinion published on the blog in any other context without permission.

Copyright rules:

​Websites, photos, graphics, animations, audios, videos and contributions of all kinds are

protected by copyright law. Here, too, the following applies: Duplications or reproductions are not permitted.

The contents of our website may therefore only be copied within the narrow limits of the copyright exceptions, for example for personal private use. Any further reproduction and distribution requires the express approval of the author or the owner of this site.

​For example, you may save a manuscript on your hard drive for private use, but you may not post it on your homepage and thereby pass it on to third parties who are not personally connected to you.

​This also applies to PDF files, video and sound broadcasts or the like that are expressly offered for download or podcast. Making the content available in file sharing sites is generally not permitted.

​If you have any questions about the use of text contributions, photos, graphics, animations, audios and videos or other elements of the wwww.knittingplaces.com site please contact the editorial team directly.

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