Everyone has it. In a dusty box in the attic, in the back corner of a drawer or always reachable in the wardrobe - we all have clothes that connect us with our past, that tell our story and that we cannot part with.

And for most of us, it's knitted.

It doesn't matter whether we made it ourselves or it was given to us. With a touched smile we rediscover the yellow baby shoes, dreamily caress the old christmas blanket, bury our face in the magnificent wedding stole in search of the scent of this wonderful day, cuddle with the out-of-shape jacket that gave us consolation when we did lying in the hospital with a broken leg, gratefully holding onto the lucky scarf, without which we would never have passed the exam ... Knitted pieces have a special place in our lives.

They are as incomparable and irreplaceable as the moments themselves, for which they stand and which we see in them. What connects us with them remains even if we no longer wear them because they have gone out of fashion, we no longer have any use for them, or simply because the years have left too clear traces and we decide with a sad heart that they can no longer participate in our everyday lives.

Whether they are there for us every day or are allowed to spend the rest of eternity lovingly wrapped in tissue paper - they never cease to be part of who we are. They are a piece of memory and identity, a photo album of our lives. Pieces of knitting are sometimes our last bridge to people who have left us. They tell of smiles that are forever extinguished, bring back some of the warmth that we miss so much, and are a little happiness wrested from time. Even if we no longer have them, or if they have been sacrificed to a move or a clean-up, knitted garments are always present.

A cozy afternoon on the couch with your best friend is enough. "Do you remember the concert ...? You worn this great sweater ...!" The music is back, the bass flows through the body as if it were yesterday, the feeling on the skin is like it was back then. A whole film unfolds in front of the inner eye. And you feel so infinitely young and free again ...

You can wear clothes. But knitted pieces can be loved.

Touching them, seeing them, smelling them, describing them and talking about them is a journey through long faded days. They are small milestones in our memories and testimonies to our lives. They bring back the irretrievable quite unexpectedly and make moments tangible and tangible again.

Is there a piece of knitting in your closet, in a box or in your memory that you associate with a part of your life story?

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