• anja


Updated: Nov 12, 2021

The sweater is sewn, washed, blocked and can now be worn ... The scarf has turned out beautifully and can be proudly presented ... The mittens are so successful that the friends in the café only have eyes for them and even overlook the new purse...

A finished piece of knitting is one of those precious little moments of happiness in everyday life that flatter the soul.

And yet the joy begins much earlier.

The decision has been made for days: a knitting project should be started. Regardless of whether it is the very first one or the list of completed garments is already long, this is always an exciting time.

So much has to be considered, selected and decided ... What should it be?

Concentrated and forgotten about the world, catalogs, magazines and books are scrolled through, websites are visited.

Time flies by completely unnoticed - it can be hours or days.

And suddenly it is there: the pattern that you can only fall in love with, that you absolutely want to have, without which you simply cannot anymore ...! Once the pattern has been selected, it is now time to find the right knitting material.

It has to match the style of the design and the pattern, of course, but also the time of year for which the beautiful piece is intended. The selection is huge: cotton, linen, wool, silk. One after the