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Updated: Nov 12, 2021

A few weeks ago I flew to Belo Horizonte in Brazil with a friend. We originally only wanted to spend a month there, but as life would have it, it has become an indefinite period of time. Now I am still in this exotic country. As the first few weeks went by, I spent a lot of time settling in and getting used to the new situation in life. But somehow it didn't work 100 percent. Something was missing in my life, but I couldn't quite tell what it was.

When we rummaged through a sundries shop in Belo Horizonte in the third week, I found a ball of yarn. And then: What I missed was knitting! Straight away I bought a circular needle and two balls of yarn. At that moment I didn't really care what colors they were and what size the needle was - I just wanted to knit and experience something homely again.

I had spent all the days and weeks before settling in, and yet I developed something like homesickness. That doesn't usually happen to me because I like to travel and I travel a lot. But this time it was different. But when I held the knitting set in my hands, I felt worlds better.

Many people are sure to feel like this: For them, knitting means having something familiar, something that reminds you of cozy hours.

And almost 10,000 kilometers away from my home country, I happened to find this something that brought me exactly these memories and feelings. For me, knitting at that moment was like the soothing words of an old friend, like a hug from a loved one - no lie! I then immediately went to browse the Internet and look for a suitable knitting pattern. When I found this and then cast the first stitches on and started knitting, a familiar feeling set in my hands. They finally had something to do again, something they had known for years and did with passion. I was home for a moment, in my familiar surroundings, and I was fine again.

After all these weeks I finally settled in and knitted a few house slippers for a friend here, because yes, even here in the south it gets too cold to walk around barefoot sometimes.

Knitting is not only good for keeping your feet or neck or head warm; Knitting is also good for the soul. This experience in Brazil showed me that when you knit (regardless of whether you are at the other end of the world or just two streets away) you always have something that connects you to yourself.

The soul is fine, the hands are really exhausted again and the hours just fly by:

Knitting is truly an art that sweetens your life!

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