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Image by Bolatbek Gabiden

About mongolian yarn

The Nomadnoos Project

In the steppe in Mongolia and in the mountains in Nepal spinning and weaving was mostly the work of farmers who had the winter months in their houses to busy themselves with tasks other than agriculture.


They spun wool and wove it into narrow lengths of fine, dense fabric or in ropes. Nomads catered to their own needs, spinning and weaving sheep, yak and camel wool that farmers considered coarse and unrefined. Today herders with whom we are working are trained to comb their yak and camels to deliver the best quality for Nomadnoos while our qualified spinners applying their natural skills to transform these fibers into yarns.
Our partner workshop is made up of Nepalese people living in or nearby Kathmandu. They now sustain their livelihood from fiber craft.

---> link to Treasure book Nomadnoos


Image by Audrius Sutkus
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