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Image by Cassie Boca

Celebrating Icelandic Knitting Traditions and History


Hélène’s passion for textiles led her to extensively research Icelandic knitting traditions. She is the author of two important patterns books about Icelandic knitting: Icelandic Intarsia Color Knitting brought back to life the unique Icelandic intarsia as seen in old shoe-inserts and Icelandic Handknits gives an overview of the various knitting traditions in the 19th century and beginning of 20th century. Her expertise has earned her the respect of textile historians and museum curators in Iceland and worldwide. Hélène believes the best way to preserve traditions is to continue using them.

This is what led her to found The Icelandic Knitter in 2010, dedicated to the Icelandic knitting heritage.

Image by Vladimir Riabinin
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