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is outwardly a marketing agency focused on topics like sustainability, slow fashion and natural materials.

It´s run by me, a woman in her 50´s, bringing experience and knowledge as a geographer and marketing manager for many years and who has been working on a self-employed basis for 12 years.

I am based in Germany but have been always interested in the whole world and its idiosyncrasies.

And this is what it is really all about:

It´s inwardly my sky on earth.

A place of my deepest wishes about work and life.

The balance of it.

The opportunity to bring my heart and my dreams to realize what I call my own footprint on this world.

I am still really thankful that my mother and sisters taught me knitting.

At the age of 10 or so,I could never have imagined what it would mean to me one day.

Sometimes I have no words to describe what this knitting life has given to my personal and professional life.

It means so much to me to have this never ending interesting story about love, nature, culture, community and much more because it touches every aspect of my life outwardly and inwardly.


To celebrate this incredible whole world in one world I have created this site

My greatest wish is to fill it with the maximum content we can achieve to show others how beautiful this knitting life can be.

It would make me really happy if you want to contribute to it, because every human being on this earth has something to say.

Warmly yours,




Knitting Places - Natur Garn Shop

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